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Presently                                            Telecommunications Technology Co-Op Program
                                                          Sheridan College, Brampton, Ontario

                                                             Currently in 3rd year

1995                                                 Ontario Secondary School Diploma
                                                         Thomas L. Kennedy Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario


                                                             Office Suites: Microsoft Office 95, Lotus SmartSuite 4.0
                                                             Mail: cc:Mail, Eudora Pro
                                                             Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95
                                                             Network Operating Systems: Novell Netware 3.12, Novell Netware 4.1
                                                             Internet Tools: Netscape Communicator 4, Internet Explorer 3.0
                                                             Database: Oracle SQL
                                                             Other: Client Access AS/400
                                                             Hardware:  Installing hard drives, CD-ROMS,  NICS
                                                                                Configuring IBM Token Ring Cards


Presently                                         JUNIOR DESKTOP ANALYST
                                                      National Grocers Co. Ltd.

                                                            End-user software and hardware support.
                                                            Installation and configuration of hardware.
                                                            Setting up PCs for use.
                                                            Network support on a Novell Netware 4.11 network.

Presently                                         SERVICE ASSOCIATE
                                                       Randy River, Mississauga, Ontario

                                                            Sell merchandise in store.
                                                            Create effective displays in store.
                                                            Third in-charge of store.
                                                            Training new staff members and coaching existing staff members.

Jan 1997-Apr 1997                        PC SUPPORT TECHNICIAN (CO-OP)
                                                       DiverseyLever Canada, Mississauga, Ontario

                                                            End user software and hardware support(in-house and remote)
                                                            End user support on Novell Network and AS/400
                                                            Installation and Configuration of Client Access AS/400 for Windows 3.11 and
                                                            Installation and configuration of Lotus SmartSuite and cc:Mail
                                                            Assisted with cc:Mail educational workshops
                                                            Maintenance of network printers

Jul 1994-Oct 1994                         SALES ASSOCIATE
                                                      Jay Kay Promotions Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

                                                           Promoted credit cards for various companies.
                                                           Created an effective display of the gifts to be given away.


Jan 1996-Jun 1996                        TEACHER ASSISTANT - PASCAL PROGRAMMING
                                                      Thomas L. Kennedy Secondary School

                                                           Assisted with the teaching of Grade 11 Pascal programming.
                                                           Assisted students with programming problems they encountered.
                                                           PC Support
                                                           Debugged and evaluated programs submitted by students.

Jan 1996-Jun 1996                        TEACHER ASSISTANT - ENGLISH REMEDIAL
                                                      Thomas L. Kennedy Secondary School

                                                           Assisted with the teaching of Remedial English.
                                                           Assisted students with the use of English language in writing and speaking.
                                                           Evaluated work submitted by students.
                                                           Assisted in the development of course material and daily class lessons.

Oct 1995-Apr 1996                      Team Leader - UNITED WAY ALLOCATIONS TEAM
                                                     United Way for Peel, Mississauga, Ontario

                                                           Volunteered as an Allocations Team leader for the United Way project
                                                             for Secondary School students(known as United Wave).
                                                           Conducted interviews with students who had submitted project proposals for funding.
                                                           Decided on amount of funding granted for each project proposal.


                                                           Vice-president of the Thomas L. Kennedy South Asian Youth Organization
                                                           President of the Thomas L. Kennedy South Asian Youth Organization (1996).
                                                           Student Council Representative (1994-1996).
                                                           Sports Reporter for the School Newspaper (1996).
                                                           Avid reader of many Computer related publications.


                                                      Available Upon Request.

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