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    Bhangra originated as a traditional dance music of North India, in the celebration of the festival.  People would come
together to play the Dhol, a fair sized double headed drum worn arond the neck and beaten with curved sticks.  Traditional Bhangra has played a mjor part in the life of the people of the people in India.

Modern Bhangra

    Modern Bhangra started many years ago in the United Kingdom.  Musically the traditional rythms were adapted to modern musical instruments with the tradition Tumbi, Dholki and Tubla, which then provided Bhangra with a new and very unique
sound.  This new sound appealed to Asians at the time.  Legendary groups like Heera, Alaap and Chirag Pechin became household names.

Not only did this new music give young asians a modern dance music, it also created a bridge across to a a culture that was
deeply divided at the time.  Bhangra has emerged into many different styles, rap, trance, house and pop music, giving enourmous variety to it's bounce and exotic (sound to our ears) scales and vocal stylings.

Remixes are popular, with huge numbers of tapes and CD's pouring out from the Indian communities in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Bally Sagoo is responsible for a huge chunk of the shift from traditional to modern Bhangra, using his own reggae artist Cheshire Cat.  This includes an amazing fusion of Chesire Cat's reggae talents and the folk music of one of Pakistan's greatest singers, Nusrat Feteh Ali Khan.  As a result of this and many other amazing feats, Bally Sagoo has influenced many Indian DJ's to adopt to his style of remixing.

One Asian Bhangra star that has been able to break the traditional Bhangra market barrier and move into the mainstream english market is Apache Indian.
With his unique style of mixing both english(reggae) and punjabi lyrics, he escalated himself to number 5 on the mainstream United Kingdom pop charts with his smashing Book-Shaka-Lak.  Hear in Canada, his song Arranged Marriage brought his name to household in North America.  He is another pioneer of the Modern Bhangra mucsi scene.

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